Over 45 years we have been operating we have received a number of recommendations from our customers across the sectors we work, listed below are a small selection from across the decades:

Assistant Rig Manager – Pacific Drilling

“Speaking for the Rig Management and the Pacific Scirocco crew, we were extremely pleased with the Dickerman supplied paint crew. They were safety conscious from day one and throughout their near 90 day stay. They even won the card of the week on multiple occasions. (See bottom picture, for one occasion where they received awards for card of the week. Captain Graham Anderson is in the middle and Chief Mate Eric Micor is on the right)

They proved from the start they could work with no outside supervision. All we had to do was tell them what we wanted done and we could consider it done as they were a very hard working crew and took pride in their work.

Our Scirocco crew couldn’t say enough positive things about the paint crew. I was repeatedly told how good the crew was and how much better they were compared to previous paint crews they’ve had onboard. The Scirocco crew was so impressed most of the department heads met them on the bridge the evening before they departed to give them thanks for a job well done. (See top picture, Captain David Webb posed with the crew in front of a banner that was made for them the last evening)

I was previously involved with a Dickerman Group provided paint crew on the Pacific Mistral, we had such a good experience with them I knew they would do a good job on the Scirocco. The next time we need a paint crew I’ll be sure to contact the Dickerman Group.”

M & R Superintendent – ExxonMobil

“I can very comfortably recommend the Dickerman Group for tank cleaning activities you have planned.  Their experience in vessel entry and tank work is extensive.  From a safety perspective, they have tens of thousands of hours accumulated without incident.  Their people are well trained, well supervised and provide a “turnkey” service”.

Should the commercial considerations prove acceptable, the Dickerman Group would be a great fit for services associated with tank and vessel cleaning, blasting, prepping and coatings work.”

Facilities Engineering Supervisor – ExxonMobil

“One of the ExxonMobil’s safety credo points is ‘no business objective is so important it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety’.  This is the touchstone of our ‘Step Back 5 x 5’ program.  Through their safe working performance, the Dickerman crew and management have demonstrated their adoption of this philosophy and work culture.  Please extend my congratulations and appreciation to the Dickerman crew.”

Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager – BP

“On behalf of the BP FPSO team, I would also like to say thank you once again to Dickerman for their professional manner at which the services under the contract were executed and catering for the Company’s request.”

Facility Execution Co-ordinator – FPSO – ExxonMobil

“I would like to inform you of the professional job performed by Kevin and his team, who through all the challenges that this job presented completed this work safely and in a timely manner.  Kevin is a true asset to your company and his leadership skills are commendable.  He often did more than his share and often assisted myself since I am presently short a Construction Supervisor and Lead due to visa issues.  I look forward to working with your team in future endeavours.”

Project Engineer – AMPCO

“We are extremely proud to have worked with you again on all the ISBL Flare Line Painting Project stages. From initiation to closing, and we would like to take this opportunity as well to thank you for your contribution and kindly ask you to pass our appreciation again to  your crew, who has helped us deliver the project on time, on budget and most importantly on safe.”

Chief Engineer – Prosafe

“They are working very hard and we are very impressed with their performance onboard.  I would recommend them for any further work with our company.”

Master – Pacific Drilling

“All work completed as per specification.  Safe and efficient workers.  They continue to make excellent progress.”