Cleaning Offshore


Our personnel are fully trained in confined space entry, atmosphere monitoring and BA and can complete any job you require. This covers both tanks, vessel and lines.

Cleaning Offshore Dickerman Overseas

Critical equipment which when worked on needs to be done efficiently in order that production is not effected.

Dickerman Overseas have wide ranging experience, whether it be cleaning for maintenance and inspection or part of a major shutdown/ slowdown.  Our skilled teams are aware of all safety aspects and job criteria and with the latest technology and equipment are able to clean your vessels and tanks to the high standards required.

We have experience in the strip down and re-build of baffles, vane packs, nozzles, and system piping, and our previous works have not only allowed for inspections and repair works inside to be done safely but have also increased production figures and quality due to clearing blockages.

Recent works have included:

Full process train (Seperators, treaters, Coalescers, degassers) mucking out/cleaning, strip down and clean baffles, vane packs and re-build as part of major shutdown/service programme.

Internal cleaning of CPI and slug catcher vessels for modification works.

Internal Abrasive blasting and coating of Separator vessel after internal repairs.

Internal cleaning of treater vessel to remove Calcium Napthenate

Full process module clean out and discovery blast during major shutdown

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Please review of sections on cleaning tanks/vessels and lines

Cleaning tanks


Our tank cleaning experience is extensive and our teams are highly trained and skilled

We mitigate risk to ensure a safe efficient operation for the removal of all material from all tank/vessel situations

Regardless of the challenges faced, Dickerman will create a solution to enable the works to be executed

Below is a brief overview of some recent projects completed:

Calcium Napthenate from CaN – Removal of 60 tonnes of CaN from vessel allowing to return to full production service.

Mud Tank – Removal of 100 tones of Oil Based Mud prior to rig contract completion /demobilization

Process Vessels – removal of oil sludge/sediment for inspection and hotwork.

Process Vessels – Removal of sediment due to production issues, rebuild of vessel internals.

FPSO/FSU Slop / Ballast / Cargo tanks – cleaning for class surveys / hotwork / life extension operations.

FPSO/FSU – Slop / cargo tanks – Removal of Benzene contaminated sludge / NORM/LSA materials.

We have the ability to cross match our marine and onshore tank cleaning experience with our offshore operations to ensure we complete the operations safely, within all environmental regulations and with the latest techniques and equipment available.

Lines Offshore

Our highly trained teams and specialist equipment are ready to assist with your line cleaning needs

We utilise a variety of methods to clear lines but focus primarily on HP and UHP water blasting

Waterblasting combined with specialist in pipe tooling allows for the removal of all types of material build-up and blockages from a wide array of pipework designs, diameters, and lengths

We have a wide range of equipment and tools proven to be effective in cleaning lines and removing pipeline blockages as well as descaling.

Produced water lines

Drain lines

Overboard discharge lines

Internal cargo / Oil lines

Hydrocarbon process lines

Drill pipe

Spool pieces

Seawater suction lines

Tube and bundle cleaning

With our specialist technology, we have the ability to clean lines up to 48”.

Our equipment packages and cleaning heads are field-proven and effective in removing line/pipe blockages as well as being able to be used for ongoing maintenance to remove corrosion & scale, hydrocarbon residues, wax build-ups as well as marine growth.

Our teams are highly experienced and our project engineers ensure the equipment packages selected are specifically tailored to meet the project needs.

Below is a brief overview of some recent projects completed:

TLP - Removal of marine growth from overboard discharge pipeline

FPSO - Removal of scale from produced water line(s)