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Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Limited have for many years supplied innovative ‘access solutions’ for projects on a worldwide basis this utilising a variety of techniques for access ranging from Rope Access innovative scaffolding solutions, to rigging /cradling options.

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Most of the services we supply can be undertaken by our expereinced Rope Access personnel (all trained to IRATA standards).

Where it is not possible or practical to utilize rope access, either due to the equipment required or the scale of the works to be completed we are able to utilize scaffolding, cradling, and other types of rigging to facilitate an efficient project.

Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Limited has the capability of providing full build drawing for individual projects of which our dedicated Scaffolders work directly with, this conforming to the very latest health and safety standards governed in the UK.

All of our access personnel are fully trained to the very highest standards and all certification for our personnel is available to the client prior to the commencement of the contract.

Working with a suitable access solution we provide a competitive ‘turn-key’ solution.

We have a range of solutions available to meet your access needs on projects.

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