Cleaning Onshore

Tanks Onshore

Our tank cleaning expereince is extensive and our teams are highly trained and skilled

We mitigate risk to ensure a safe efficient operation for the removal of all material from all tank/vessel situations

Regardless of the challenges face, Dickerman will create a solution to enable the works to be executed.

We have provided a variety of cleaning solutions to onshore storage tanks in a number of setting from tank farms, processing plants and refineries

We have worked with a variety of materials and are expereinced in working under BA etc.

Our cleaning services have been utilised for the required periodic surveys (5 yearly/10 yearly), product changes and relining of internals

Onshore Tanks Cleaning
Onshore Cleaning Service

Lines Onshore

We are able to complete a range of fabric maintenance works on onshore lines such as:

Onshore crude oil lines including transmission lines

Onshore gas lines including transmission lines

Fire lines

Diesel lines

Petroleum lines

Process module pipework

Fuel gas lines

Product transfer lines

Flare lines

Onshore crude oil lines

Our teams are not only able to complete the external fabric maintenance, they are also able to complete internal pipeline jetting for maintenance / cleaning as well as for preparation and coating works to combat internal corrosion.

We can provide a wide range of specialist insulation works as well on pipework i.e:

Cryogenic insulation of cold lines

Heat conservation insulation

Personal protection insulation

Metallic or non metallic cladding


Our teams are able to install insulation form new / remove and replace for maintenance and inspection, complete insulation change outs’.  We are fully familiar and have extensive experience with all types of insulations and can provide surveys and product specification to our clients.