Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Limited have the skills, knowledge and equipment in order to undertake any specialist cleaning project onboard. The need for undertaking specialist cleaning services arises at various times and for varying reasons. We are fully versed in all areas however and can offer the solutions required.

Ballast tanks – mud removal pre dry dock, cleaning for class surveys, mud reduction to prevent SRB’s, pre steelwork replacement

Cargo tanks – demucking prior to drydocking, cleaning pre hot work/steelwork repairs, cleaning for sludge reduction, cleaning for class surveys.

HFO tanks – cleaning for class/owners surveys, removal of contaminated fuel, steelwork repairs Engine / Plant rooms – cleaning post dry-dock

Our teams have been utilized to assist vessel crews during tank washing operations to provide advice and assist with planning and locating portable tank washing machines to achieve maximum tank cleanliness.

Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Limited have the expertise to assist with your requirements.

The problem with ballast water is that it is almost never just water.

This is particularly noticeable when vessels have ballasted in ports with particularly muddy beds. Once this material is settled and no longer in suspension, i.e. over the duration of a voyage it will almost never flow out with the ballast water in the quantity it flowed in.

Due to this a build-up of material appears.

Between a special survey period of 5 years, these deposits can build to a significant volume. In order for inspections to be carried out class society will require unhindered access to a clean surface in order to make their assessments.

This is where Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Limited have vast amounts of experience utilizing our in house designed and manufactured equipment the Si-Jet (please also see section on Si-Jet) in order to remove mud and other natural deposits in the most time and cost-effective manner possible.

Overall our projects are hugely cost-effective, when compared with the costs of having material removed in dry dock (which is nonindigenous to the area) it is classed as hazardous waste and as such comes with huge disposal bills. Our teams are able to efficiently remove the mud and pump it back to where it originated, the sea.

Our experienced teams, specialist Si-Jet equipment, and methods are hugely beneficial to owners requiring clear access to ballast tanks and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these services in further detail.

Cleaning Dickerman Overseas

Dickerman Overseas Contracting Company Limited has an extensive background in tank and line cleaning onboard trading vessels.

We have provided specialist personnel and equipment to complete the most challenging of tank cleaning projects safely and within the timeframe required. We provide a full turnkey contract with the supply of all contracted equipment and specialist personnel.

Onboard there are many tanks that at some point during their service life can require cleaning. The main tanks in which we work are ballast, cargo tanks, bunker, and other fuel tanks.

Often if repairs or modifications are required to a tank or adjacent tanks they must be cleaned to ensure that all hydrocarbons have been removed and it is safe for hot work to take place.

Our teams are used to dealing with constraints and additional hazards over and above confined space working. We have completed many projects with high levels of benzene and other toxicity issues. We are well versed in working under BA (bottle or line fed) to negate these challenges and undertake the works safely and efficiently.

We are your tank cleaning partner and welcome any inquiry for our assistance with your fleet.